Caster offers creators 5 different ways to monitize their content

  • Referral Link - Link each video/photo to an external product for purchase.
  • General - General advertising on your content.
  • Direct sponsorship - Brands can sponsor your channel. Sponsors pay creators a fee to be the exclusive (within Caster) sponsor on all of that creators content for a period of time.
  • Category - Sponsors pay all creators within a category (Cosmetics, Skin Care, Fitness, Travel etc...) to have their ad appear on every channel within that category. Creators split that fee proportional to the number of unique views of that sponsors ad.
  • Targeted - Sponsors pay creators a fee to have their ad shown only to specific viewers that fit within a demographic.

How to succeed with Caster:

  1. Create video and photo content on Caster
    • Upload video content. Build and broadcast your personal brand
    • Revew products for sale on affiliate websites (like Amazon).
  2. Link your videos to that product on affilate websites (like Amazon)