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One of the most difficult parts about being a freelancer is getting the word out about your services to the right customers.

Caster is where you can spread the word about your services to prospective clients.

Create detailed videos about your freelance services. Prospective customers can then view your video while they consider purchasing your services. Your promotional videos on Caster can be directly linked to your freelancer platform making it easy to connect the freelancer with their next gig without having to setup a separate payment system.

Cross-promotion referral traffic within Caster helps customers to locate all the freelance service providers they need to complete their project.

  • Caster brings you a new customer base, which equals more business
  • Showcase your unique set of skills in video form, making it easy for potential customers to book your services
  • All videos are linked to your freelance platform page, creating a smooth transition to booking your next gig.
  • Create a following of repeat customers for years to come
  • Showcase your services in video form to prospective customers
  • Link all of your videos on Caster to the gig purchase page on your freelancer platfrom
  • Receive advertising income from your content
  • Receive free advertising credits to promote your videos to potential customers.

Getting Started On Caster:

  1. Record/Upload up to 10 minute video descriptions of each of your gigs/services. Show the work you’ve done, your gigs and your services.
  2. Link that video to your freelancer platform so customers can purchase your services
  3. Share your content from Caster on all social media platforms and make an easy professional transition to clients booking you for your next gig
  4. Embed your UserCard on the website and get paid!

As audiences discover different product and service providers on Caster, your business will benefit with new audiences. Purchases can then be made directly on your freelancer platform


  • Share your content on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...).
  • Become a Sponsor and promote your product/service to a larger audience.

In addition to a growth in your sales, all freelancers automatically receive all the benefits of being (including advertising income and profit sharing) a Creator on Caster. Creating Videos not your thing? Caster has all the freelance service provider taht will create your marketing videos for you!