Headquartered in Los Angeles, Caster is a growing ecosystem of vloggers, freelancer service providers, retail brands and reviewers that sponsor each other to increase their following across platforms.  

  Caster for Vloggers
Vloggers/Influencers are the brand! Vlogger's use Caster to build audiences for their entertaining and/or informative content.

Caster for Freelancers
Freelancers use Caster to host/promote videos descriptions their individual services.

  Caster for Reviewers
Get affiliate income by through video reviews of your favorite products.

Caster for Online Stores
E-Commerce retailers use Caster to showcase their product line.

  Cross Promotion
Introduce and promote your content to the following of other vloggers, freelancers, reviewers and online stores.

Caster for Everyone

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